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Student success is our #1 Priority!

Get the one-on-one support your student needs to achieve academic success!


Our Services


High School and Middle School Academic Tutoring

We help your student  understand new and difficult material, master study skills and create a plan for success in their classes.


Executive Functioning 

We support students in organization, goal setting, planning for tests, project and homework, time management, study skills and building confidence. 


ACT and SAT Test Preparation

A2 Education Consultants have packages available for ACT and SAT test prep. Each package offers one-on-one, Zoom tutoring. Test Prep sessions are 60  to 90 minutes long.

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Summer High School Prep Workshops 

High School is a huge transition for incoming 9th graders and it's important for students to know what to expect and be prepared.  We work with students to help them know what to expect in High School: how to be organized, handle stress, study for tests, and finals.


Summer Reading/Writing and Math Classes

Many students struggle with Reading Comprehension and  Writing. We work individually to improve these skills over the summer to make sure students are ready for fall and recover learning loss.  Get your students ready for the math class they will take in the fall.  


Athletic Recruiting Coaching

We support students in navigating the college recruiting process. Including support in: College essays, resumes, college recruiting pages, letters to coaches and navigating NCAA requirements. 


“A2 Education Consultants not only prepared our son for his Freshman year in high school with organizational support and tips to navigate this leap successfully, they are always there to provide additional coaching and support. A2 Education Consultants invested additional time to help him become an outstanding writer. By spending time getting to know his personality and unique learning style, A2 Education Consultants taught him critical thinking and communication skills that has guided him through his entire high school career. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with A2 Education Consultants.”


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