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Improve Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills

Does your student complain that they cannot remember what they have just read?

Many students struggle with reading comprehension and A2 Education Consultants customize a plan to meet your student’s individual needs and provide reading comprehension strategies to make sure your student is making progress and finding success. In this program, your student will improve reading comprehension and writing skills. We use reading materials at and above grade level and teach writing strategies they will use in school. We follow MLA format, writing claims, citing quotes and analyzing the material. 

Improve Math Skills

Why not get your students ready for Math in fall?

Many students are not prepared in the fall for their math courses and struggle with basic math skills. We support students with fundamental math skills that help prepare them for their math classes in fall.



Take a summer math course to get ahead!

Some students want to take an online Math class through UC Scout or another online course and we support students with on-on-one instruction to complete these courses successfully and get ahead in math.    


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